Circle of Family, Friends and Supporters of Naquarn


INDICTMENT #90949/95


The Circle of Family Friends and Supporters for Bruce(Naquarn)Brown is the core group surrounding Bruce(Naquarn) Brown, working and advocating for the survival of his livelihood while imprisoned upon a conviction and sentence of 51 1/3 years to life in prison for a crime predicated upon a falsehood. Bruce(Naquarn)Brown, like many other prisoners being housed in Prison (warehouse) Industrial complexes across the globe, is innocent of the charged crime. Because of his (indigence), being poor, black and male, he suffers from the effective legal and/or political representation which has the means to over-turn such conviction.


HISTORY of CASE:  Who Is Naquarn

Naquarn is a captured (prisoner) currently held within the confines of the New York State Prison Industrial Complex.  Identified as Bruce Brown, 96A7932, Naquarn is from Hempstead, Long Island,  New York.  He was raised in Washington D.C. and Portsmouth,VA., for a number of years prior to being reconnected and further raised by his father, Mr.John Bruce Brown in the state of New York.  It is known from family reports that Naquarn is a direct descendant of the late John Brown(1800-1859), The Abolitionist. 

 Naquarn is being forced to the conditions of prison as a result of being found guilty of a crime that he did not commit and is now serving a sentence of life.


The imposition of life imprisonment came on the heels of a trial which found a verdict of guilty for causing the death of two other men from the community that they called home. Such conviction was found despite the many inconsistencies of the testimony of alleged "witnesses".  The defense pointed out these witnesses were paid police informersand jail house informers.  The alleged "co-defendant"  was  targeted by police to be beaten and tortured into confessing to the crime which also implicated Naquarn. During the earlier pre-trial stages it was discovered that the very attorney who ostensibly represented Naquarn had sat in on a discussion with an alleged witness as he was being coerced by the D.A. to testify against Naquarn. The initial stages of this deceptive process were not discovered until much later. During a scheduled hearing, and shortly after the above mentioned attorney(John Lewis) had made it known that he would no longer be the attorney at the defense table, Naquarn discovered that the attorney had in fact advanced his position of defense attorney to that of district attorney, based on his position to withholding exculpatory information that would prove further the innocence of Naquarn. The defense requested a hearing into the facts above,  extracted from John Lewis during examination.MR.JOHN LEWIS withheld information from BRUCE BROWN and the defense. John Lewis was directed to do this by the major offense bureau MR. FRED KLINE.  




 Is the topic of discussion here at the Circle of Family,Friends and Supporters for BRUCE BROWN, and we encourage your input for discussion, as a means to educate us all to the impact of ineffective criminal justice laws and policies. 


 Because of our concern for Bruce {Naquarn} Brown, we built a Circle of Family,Friends and Supporters, educating ourselves to the misfortune of Naquarn being criminalized and ultimately incarcerated for a crime he did not commit. In doing so we have worked around those issues and have learned more about the connections between jails, jobs, poverty, racism, sexism, class, war and political representation.  


 Our Circle of Family,Friends and Supporters meets monthly to discuss the plans to be put into action as well as update and keep current with state and local political involvement. For the month of January thru December 2014 we encourage your support in the following areas and issues:

 A}       " Criminalization and Incarceration": The question posed is, " How does this major disparity of judicial enforcement affect you, your family and your home community and what do you think should be done?"


B}       For those of you who want to support the Circle of Family and Friends of Bruce Brown, we ask you to join us in the petition before the Nassau Couny Court, asking the District Attorney { Kathleen Rice} to stop denying { Bruce Brown } the honest inquiry of evidence. We ask the court, in the interest of Justice,to allow Forensic Testing of evidence that has the potential to exclude Bruce Brown as a participant in the crime of which he has been falsely convicted.

NASSAU COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY, KATHLEEN RICE;we the people of the STATE of NEW YORK respectfully ask you, in the interest of justice that the case PEOPLE VS. BRUCE BROWN,indictment #90949/95 be re-opened for forensic testing of evidence which has the potential to prove innocence of BRUCE BROWN.



We have attested to our support in this matter by affixing our name to the petition asking for such relief.

For further communications with Bruce(Naquarn)Brown #96A7932 you may write to him at this location Clinton Corr. Facility P.O.BOX 2001 Cook Street Dannemora, N.Y. 12929



A) REQUESTING forensic testing of the coat in the evidence, for gun powder flash/residue. TESTING will demonstrate BRUCE BROWN is not the shooter of the weapon used in the crime.

B) REQUESTING forensic test and testimony from the Autopsy report in this case,which will reveal that no victim was sprayed in the face or eyes with alleged insecticide spray which clearly demonstrates the witness statement to be false.