Circle of Family, Friends and Supporters of Naquarn


INDICTMENT #90949/95


The Circle of Family Friends and Supporters for Bruce(Naquarn)Brown is the core group surrounding Bruce(Naquarn) Brown, working and advocating for the survival of his livelihood while imprisoned upon a conviction and sentence of 51 1/3 years to life in prison for a crime predicated upon a falsehood. Bruce(Naquarn)Brown, like many other prisoners being warehoused in Prison  Industrial complexes across the globe, is innocent of the charged crime. Because of his (indigence), being poor, black and male, he suffers from the effective legal and/or political representation which has the means to over-turn such conviction.


HISTORY of CASE:  Who Is Naquarn

Naquarn is a captured (prisoner) currently held within the confines of the New York State Prison Industrial Complex.  Identified as Bruce Brown, 96A7932, Naquarn is from Hempstead, Long Island,  New York.  He was raised in Washington D.C. and Portsmouth,VA., for a number of years prior to being reconnected and further raised by his father, Mr.John Bruce Brown in the state of New York.  It is known from family reports that Naquarn is a direct descendant of the late John Brown(1800-1859), The Abolitionist. 

 Naquarn is being forced to the conditions of prison as a result of being found guilty of a crime that he did not commit and is now serving a sentence of life.


The imposition of life imprisonment came on the heels of a trial which found a verdict of guilty for causing the death of two other men from the community that they called home. Such conviction was found despite the many inconsistencies of the testimony of alleged "witnesses".  The defense pointed out these witnesses were paid polices informers and jail house informers.  The alleged "co-defendant"  was targeted by police to be beaten and tortured into confessing to the crime which also implicated Naquarn. During the earlier pre-trial stages it was discovered that the very attorney who ostensibly represented Naquarn had sat in on a discussion with an alleged witness as he was being coerced by the D.A. to testify against Naquarn.The initial stages of this deceptive process were not discovered until much later.During a scheduled hearing, and shortly after the above mentioned attorney(John Lewis) had made it known that he would no longer be the attorney at the defense table, Naquarn discovered that the attorney had in fact advanced his position of defense attorney to that of district attorney,based on his position of withholding exculpatory information that would further prove the innocence of Naquarn.The defense requested a hearing into the facts above, extracted from John Lewis during examination.MR.JOHN LEWIS withheld information from BRUCE BROWN and the defense.John Lewis was directed to do this by the major offense bureau MR.FRED KLINE.






Is the topic of discussion here at the Circle of Family,FRIENDS and Supporters for BRUCE BROWN, and we encourage your input for discussion, as a means to educate us all to the impact of ineffective criminal justice laws and policie.Because of our concern for BRUCE(NAQUARN)BROWN,we built a circle of family,friends and supporters, educating ourselves to the misfortune of Naquarn being criminalized and ultimatedly incarcerated for a crime he did not commit.In doing so we have worked around those issues and have learned more about the connections between jails, jobs, poverty, racism, sexism, class, war and political representation.


A) "Criminalization and Incarceration" is the issue but, how do you define these terms or,will this effect you,your love ones and friends.Furthermore,what do you think is best done to educate against criminalization and incarceration.


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For those of you who want to further support the Circle of Family,Friends and Supporters of Bruce Brown,we ask that you join and sign the petition before the Nassau County Court, asking the District Attorney(Sheryl H. Anania) to stop denying Bruce Brown,an honest inquiry of evidence.Whereupon, we ask the court, in the interest of justice, to allow Forensic testing of evidence that has the potential to prove the innocence of Bruce Brown.





We the people, have attestd our signatures below and apart of this petition in support of the following action:

People vs. Bruce Brown #96A7932

A.) Respectfully ask that the Nassau County District Attorney, in the interest of justice to re-open the above mentioned case for forensic testing of evidence which has the potential to demonstrate the innocence of Bruce Brown. The evidence requested to be forensically tested is in the custody of Nassau County judicial department;to wit, one beige carrhart coat,to be tested for the presence of gun powder,gun flash/residue.Such testing will demonstrate that Bruce Brown is not the shooter of the weapon used in the crime. Also requesting;Forensic testing and testimony from the autopsy report in this case, which will reveal that no victim was sprayed in the face or eyes with an alleged insecticide spray, which clearly demonstrates the witness statements and testimony to be false.



B.) Which includes an Opportunity of the forgoing Constitutional violations mention below to be heard and corrected by District Attorney Sheryl H. Anania. Having been in receipt of your reply to the above mentioned Web-petition of the Circle of Family, Friends and Supporters of Bruce Brown; (hereinafter CFFSBB), and having a thorough reading, concerns arise from the position you take with the facts, record and current issues complained of. Because of these concerns, addressing the single mission of CFFSBB in which we have formed should give guidance to you in pursuit of the administration of Constititutional guarantees; Constitutional guarantees that have not been given in this Judicial proceeding defined herein as: United States and New York State Constitutional Guarantees:

Due Process of Law and Equal Protection of same pursant to the United States Constitution Amendment V,V1 and X1V New York State Constitution Article I Subsection VI and XI.


District Attorney, the primary issue/challenge is that New York State and United States Constitutional Guarantees, provide legal procedures for cross-examination of the witness and /or accuser during trial and that, as in this case, where "testimonial statements" used at trial, several requirements must be reached; beginning with:

The Defense having a PRIOR opportunity to cross-examine the witness at a prior hearing before introduction of such statements at trial; 33 N.Y. Jurisprudence 2d, Criminal Law; Procedure Sub. Section 2110, Citing Crawdford v. Washington.(541 U.S. 36,124 S.CT.1354.)

Whereas, in this proceeding, "prior cross-examination" of the witness was not had, even when the defendant adamantly requested to be afforded that right. (Trial record demonstrates such request).

The record of the Court responding to Mr. Brown 440.10 application/numbered motion C-893 & 894, before the Honorable Tammy S. Robbings, clearly mis-represented the law as applied to the facts wherein, Mr. Brown in his memorandum of law (pp.2-3) demonstrated the requirement of "prior cross-examination" had not been afforded, thereby violating due process and equal protections of the law defined at state and federal constitutions. 

Instead, the Court clearly made a decision thereof, that is contrary to United States Supreme Court precedent defined in Crawdford, further exacerbating the violation through an unreasonable application of and allowing a contextual injustice; while in the words of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., "An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice to everywhere." This tramples upon the moral and social conscious of the people (CFFSBB) who demand the request for Constitutional Guarantees that should have been afforded...long ago, at the trial stages of Bruce Brown.   

District Attorney Sheryl H. Anania, "In the interest of Justice", we the people, as mention throughout our Web-petition, we request that this burden of injustice be overturned, reversed by decision and that the defendant Bruce Brown be afforded the opportunity to cross-examine the witness/person of the statement and demonstrate, by evidence, in the custody of the Nassau County court file that the statements used at trial are lies and/or inconsistent  with facts revealed by science and scientific investigatory reports of the existing discovery information. 

District Attorney, we recognize your opinion and monologue re-hashing of the record that your reply represents; however, we are seeking the Constitutional Guarantees required for Judicial proceedings that involve the prior opportunity of cross-examination in which  was developed, has the potential by truth/fact to change the opinion you have shared throughout your November 20, 2014 reply, as well as the conviction burdened upon Bruce Brown. Therefore, we (CFFSBB), "In the interest of Justice" ask that our primary concerns are addressed. 




Respectfully Submitted,

Circle of Family, Friends and

Supporters of Bruce Naquarn Brown